Futurestate workshops

Start building a business fit for the future

Full-day intensive workshops for the whole team

One of the best ways to get any future state design process underway is with our futurestate workshops. Mark and his Wilson Fletcher colleagues lead these intensive, full-day sessions for up to 15 people, and we work with you in advance to prepare tailored materials and exercises. Nothing is generic, and the outcomes will be specific to you.

By the end of the day, you’ll have built a version of the future together, and will leave with a whole new way to think about your organisation and where it goes next.

Who should attend?

We’ve run futurestate workshops with teams all over the world, and have hosted more than 100 people from a single organisation across a series of sessions. We’ve run them with executive teams to help get new thinking underway and mixed-role groups to build engagement across the organisation. In every case, those teams have left buzzing with new ideas.

What is Futurestate Design?

Funny you should ask, we just wrote a book on it.

What next?

Contact us to schedule an initial conversation about you and what you might get out of a workshop. We can host them in our studios, your offices. We do run some remotely, but nothing beats the energy of a room full of people working together.


It’s 2025: we’re going to design the company that put you out of business